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Food Industry Press Release: Harsh Environment Computers

Food Industry Press Release: Harsh Environment Computers

Issuer: STX Electronics
Issued: 30th of Apr 2015
Processing / Production

Harsh Environment Computers

STX has recently released the new X8000 series of Harsh Environment computers which are feature packed with new performance enhancing technologies. The X8000 series maintains the companies strong reputation of delivering Tough Rugged Reliable computing solutions for demanding environments and tough use applications.

  • New Power Packed 2.0 Ghz Quad Core CPU

  • Up to 8GB Ram

  • Screen only and dual screen video extended options available

  • Industrial grade IP67 rated connectors

  • RS232, USB & Ethernet connectivity

  • Side, rear and top mounting options available

  • Wide range of optional accessories available including built in barcode scanners, Wi-FI, 3G, Bluetooth and IP68 Keyboards

  • 304 or 316 brushed, or highly polished stainless steel and powder coated aluminium finishes available

  • Sacrificial touch membrane

The X8000 range is used in food processing, meat processing, fish processing, dairy, cowshed, fertilizer manufacturing, forestry, logging and saw milling environments.

STX’s Harsh Environment Computers help companies fast track production processes by allowing for fast accurate automated data recording, paper trail minimisation, machinery control, label printing, RFID, barcode scanning, entry of product information and much more

With STX’s Rapid Support Service and a range of mounting and finish options you can


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